Tuesday, December 26, 2006

envenido a miami (and seattle and fort worth)

Yes Yes,

It has been quite a long while since my last post. I have been very lazy. Hopefully I can turn the lights on again for the new year and blog regularly. I have been busy the last few weeks though. I flew to New York for the weekend, then finished up finals in Nebraska, and then flew to Miami for 2 weeks. I went there for some fun in the sun (or rain) and some good training with my favorite Puerto Rican, Manny Huerta. Manny's dirty 'rican Spanish was instrumental in my navigating Miami. Anyways, It was lots of hours on the bike and solid running. It was a great time, and helped jump-start the 2007 season. Right now, I am in Seattle, WA with my family and then tomorrow it is back to Texas for the rest of break, before school starts again.

Well, I will try to keep this more up to date than once per month. Merry Christmas and happy Boxing day (to all you Crazy Canucks)