Thursday, November 15, 2007

Treasure Island Duathlon?

The 2007 season has finally come to a close, but it was not quite the ending that I was hoping for. For some reason two days before the race, some chinese captain of a container ship didn't realize that, "turn right or you will hit the Bay Bridge," actually meant, "turn right or you will hit the bay bridge," and plowed his huge conatiner ship into the side of the bridge. I am no Bay Area geography expert, but it is my impression that the Bay Bridge has not moved in quite a few years. Also, I believe that it is quite a large structure. Maybe I am wrong, but I will check on that for you.

So said ship hit said bridge and "up from the boat came a bubblin' crude" (insert music here). 150,000 gallons of eco-friendly oil spilled all over the bay. The city forced the cancellation of the swim portion, and thus the race became a duathlon. Great. Well thanks to the really, really, brillaint ITU officials, they decided that a 6.6kilo run/40kilo bike/10k run was the "fairest" format. In case you were wondering, these distances are completely arbitrary, not the standard format and a little bit ridiculous.

All other things aside, I had a terrible race. I had really bad legs and really struggled all day. I did hang on and actuallyu finish the race, so I netted a 6th place in the Tri-California Series. That is 6th for me for the last 3 years in a row. Well, dismal racing seems to be the theme lately so I know I need a rest. I am going to get some bloodwork done, just to make sure that all my levels are ok. But as of right now, I wont even run across the crosswalk until two weeks from now. Time to catch up on blogging, rest, TV, planning next year, and everything else I havent done for a while. I am currently planning out my season next year, which will be heavy on the ITU/draft-legal side of things, and I am still contemplating making a last-ditch run at 2008 Olympic Trials (read: lots of flying and money), but we shall see. The only news for next year to report is that I will be RACING IN FRANCE! I signed with the French Club St-Jean-Du-Monts in Div. 2. I am really excited and it should be a great opportunity. My first race is May 31st.

That is all for now. No pictures and lots of words = little blog reading (well less than the little traffic i get).