Thursday, April 23, 2009

gentlemen, start your engines...

I am at about 1 post/month right now....not so good at updating these days.  Training has been going really well lately.  There hasn't been quite the volume that I have had in the past, but lots of intensity and consistency.  These two things quite often have lagged in my training.  This Sunday I am racing the World Championships of Benbrook, Texas (otherwise known and the Benbrook Sprint Triathlon).  It will be my first time to don the race uni since last November.  It should be a great hit-out for the season.  Plus, I have lots of friends who are doing the race so it should be a lot of fun too.

After that things get  bit more serious.  I am opening up the "real" race season down in St. Croix for my annual 70.3 distance race.  The start list looks good and I am excited to finally start my season.  I just got a sweet new bike and lots of other exciting things to blog about, but not quite enough time right now.  When I get the race machine all dialed in I will post some pics and a bit more about my recent training and the build-up over the past 4 weeks.  Once the race season starts.....more consistent blogging!!!!