Wednesday, September 26, 2007

demasiado largo...

It has been too long since my last post. I have been back in the US of A and trying to recover and get back into shape. On September 9th I journeyed out to Cali for the Pacific Grove Triathlon. Last year, this was my best race all season which garnered me a 4th place finish. I went in this year hoping for a podium, espcially after my successful European campaign.

It was not mean to be. I put in two large 70+ mile weeks of running before the race, so I thought I would be quite fit. I actually was quite flat on race day and struggled all day. My swim was fine, and I made the pack, but I was suffering so much on the bike (in a large pack and on a flat course). This was not a good sign. Onto the run, things got worse. I struggled all day and still dont really know what happened. I went from 4th and large payday to 17th in one year. Oh well, somtimes that is sport and things go wrong.

I talked with some people, and begun to think that my iron levels might be a little low from racing often in Asia with little or no meat. If you couple my 5 weeks of little meat intake, with racing often, and then returning to the USA and samshing a few high-mileage run weeks, you get a recipe for depleted iron levels. I started to take iron over week ago, and the enrgy seems to be returning. I just finshed my biggest two weeks this year, and I feel quite fit. Hopefully that will translate into race results this weekend and in the coming weeks. I race in California again this weekend at Scott Tinley's and then it is back to 4 giant weeks to prepare for San Francisco Triathlon, which will be my own peronal world championships for this season.

Well, this post is getting a little long, so I will wrap it up. Here is video of the Pacific Grove Triathlon. I am not on much of it, because I was bringing up the rear, but if yoy look close you can find a few spots.

Pacific Grove Triathlon