Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This past Sunday I decided to participate in a 15k road race. The purpose was just for training and to get ready for Treasure Island in 2 weeks. I rode my bike right before, so it was quite tough the first few miles. On top of that something I ate didnt quite settle in my stomach, so I was holding onto my luch for dear life. I went out conservatively, and then built the rest of the way. It was a good idea, and I ended up finishing 4th, but in 51:55, which was 1:115 faster than I did the race last year. All in all, it was a good day, my legs feel strong and I cant wait to race.

Wells, the weather has been quite bad the last few days, and so I am forced to the rollers and the trainer.....I cant wait for my break. It has quite a long and busy season with a lot of travel, but nevertheless been a good one.



Monday, October 16, 2006

ill hong your kong

At this moment I am sitting in the Chicago airport, less than 500 miles from my home, and of course my flight is delayed. It is just my luck, though. My fligh from Hong Kong to Tokyo was early and I had a whole row to myself. My flight form Tokyo to Chicago was early also AND I had a row to myself. This means that United needs to make my trip uncomfortable somehow. So hear I am 7 hrs after I arrived in Chicago, still in Chicago.

Anyways, enough about the travel, on to the race. First off, Hong Kong is a great city. Everywhere I have traveled this year seems to offer some unique, new perspective. I really enjoy the travel (forget what I wrote above, ill be over it tomorrow). I met a few new people at the race, which is always a plus. We had a great time after the race.

The race itself was average, similar to the way my season seems to be going. I had a good swim, which put me comfortably in the first pack. This race was really about the bike. The course was crazy hilly. About 1k out of transition was a hill at about 15% for 300m. Then there was one that was 6-7% for 2-3k. Repeat 4 times in hot, humid weather. This recipe makes for a hard race. Through about 10-12 solid ITU guys and you have a race. I was hurting form the first pedalstroke on the bike. I knew it was going to be rough ride. I made it through the first 2 laps fine, but on the start of the 3rd (at the ridiculously steep hill), Greg Bennet decided to test out his new Dura-Ace SRM and see how high he could make it register. So while Greg was doing windsprints up the hill, I was getting gapped with my heartrate well over 200, and smoke coming out of my ears. There were 4 others who dropped off too, so at least I got to share my misery with a few others. I finished up the bike, and headed out to what I thought would be a death march, but was actually ok. I ran conservatively to make sure a repeat run-bonk would not happen. I ran in 9th place for 9.95k of the run till a certain Kiwi named Liam (you sure he isnt Scottish or something?) decided to play swords with me at the end. He won, I lost. So finished in 10th place. Not too shabby, but not too great. Gotta keep riding that bike! Well, had a great trip and even won a butt and tummy toner from the race sponsor. You heard right, OSIM gave us a tummy and butt toner. There are already pics in the works.

One more race (Treasure Island) and then Im out. Guess Ill have to roll out in TI.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


I guess I really dont need to post only after I do a race. Plus, that last race result was quite depressing, so I dont want it to be the only thing I see when I look at my blog. Well, things are starting to come around it seems. I still have the small lingerings of a head cold, but the sickness seems to be subsiding. Training has been going well this week. I am looking forward to notching a solid week of training before heading off to Hong Kong. I am really excited about going. The more that I think about it, the more excites I get. Hopefully the trip will be rewarding in several ways. I know it will be fun, but I want it to be productive also. I really need a sloid placing increase my world ranking for next year and have any shot at getting in to a World Cup. Well, now it is off to ride and run....


Monday, October 02, 2006

going slo

This is the race report from Scott Tinley's. First off, I love San Louis Obispo. It is a cool town woth lots of cool little inderpendent shops, and a real small town feel. Laid back? Check. Near the ocean? Check. Lots of hilly country to ride? Check. Lots of small coffee shops? Double Check!! They also have great Mexican food there which really reminds me of home back in Fort Worth, Texas. Anyways, SLO is a place I could definately stay in for an extended periodof time.

Onto the race. See I was really jsut writing the above blurb so I could delay thinking about the aweful race. Basically, I got sick leading into the race, and my result showed this chnage to my body. I had a good swim and first transition, so I was actually first onto the bike course. That was fun, but it just showed me how far I could fall. I went backwards on the bike. I wanted to/would have dropped out, but I need the tri-cal points for the series. By the time the run arrived I was down and out, but trudged along to the finish. So now I dropped form 3rd to 6th in the series, but have a shot at getting top 4 with a strong showing at Treasure Island. Oh well, now it is time to get healthy, before I head over to the orient....Hong Kong!