About me

I spent my younger days chasing the black line up and down the pool.  After my swim program at Nebraska was cut, I transitioned into triathlons.  2 years later, I won the 2004 Collegiate National Championship, and that spurred me on to step into the elite ranks of triathlon.
I have represented the USA at the 2004 U/23 World Championships, am a 3x member of the FISU World University Games USA Triathlon Team, a 2011 ITU Triathlon World Championship Team USA member and to date have raced in over 25 countries .  Most of my career I have spent travelling on the international ITU triathlon circuit, but I have raced French Grand Prix, 70.3 and Olympic distance triathlon as well. 
I currently reside in Fort Worth with my wife Lauren, who is also a professional triathlete.  We are super fortunate to pursue our passion of triathlon and do it together.  2013 has seen some changes for me in my schedule as I have featured non-draft Olympic distance racing as the focus for 2013.  Qualifying for the Hyvee 5150 Championship was the big goal for 2013 and that box has been ticked!
Welcome to my blog, and hope you enjoy reading! 


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