Thursday, July 22, 2010

the honkey's

Now I am for sure planning on going back to Hong Kong. Love it there!

Monday, July 12, 2010

p├ękin, pechino, pequim, beijing

It sucked in every language. It was always going to be hard to double up on two different continents in 6 days but it was a necessity. I needed 2 more scores before the Kitzbuhel WCS entry deadline to help secure a starting spot. I could have raced San Francisco ITU this past weekend, but unfortunately for me (fortunately for her) my sister got married the same day. Trust me, going to Beijing was not ideal and not to boost my frequent flyer account. It was simply a points haul....
It was cool to race on the Olympic course. The same carpet is still there!
On one hand, it was mildly successful as I passed one American that I needed to with my 16th place. On the other hand it was extremely dissappointing as I had such a solid race in Quebec and was looking forward to building upon that result. On the day, I really never felt good and suffered like a dog in the heat and pollution during the run. Once again I made the lead pack/breakaway (of 10) out of the swim, but we couldnt figure out how to work together and got swallowed up by a pack of 25 at the 35k mark of the 40k bike course. The run saw a spectacular explosion by me, but I held on to get some points.
Once I got back to the USA, I took the week really, really easy to let the body recover from the travel and to help absorb the training effect over the past 8 weeks. Now I have a 4 week block to prepare for the Tizzy World Cup in Hungary, and hopefully the Kitzbuhel WCS (have to wait and see if I got a start) the following weekend. For now, the head's down and training hat is on!!!
Olympic Venue we raced on

me and a homeless man (I believe his name is Andrew Wright) watching the world cup

The forbidden cityTiananmen