Friday, March 12, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

2010 Schedule

Recently it has been lots of training and not much else. I have been laying the groundwork for the upcoming season, and have been very busy the last few weeks.

After Ecuador, I was sick for nearly a week. It was not pretty. To date, I have raced in 23 countries and in some very, very, dirty water. The only place that I have gotten sick from the water/food has been Oklahoma and now, Ecuador. After my unplanned "recovery" week it has been 3 weeks full gas with very few hiccups. I have accumulated a lot of hours and miles in the old legs and I think that the preparation for this season is moving right along. Swimming is swimming, biking has seen quite a big jump in fitness, and my running has been my most consistent block ever. 10 of 13 weeks since mid-December have 60mile+ (about 100k) weeks. Consistency is KEY.

I am getting excited to race!! My next race is March 20th in Mazatlan, Mexico. I will be finishing up the my aerobic-base build right before the race, so I should be fit, but not too fast. After Mazatlan, the ITU World Cup Season (for me) will start in Monterrey, Mexico on April 18th. Here is my somewhat-finalized schedule for 2010. Some of these races I have to be ranked high enough to get into so nothing is for is more of a penciled-in schedule. I will be racing 14 events on 4 continents and in 9 different countries if all goes as planned this year.

2010 schedule:

ITU Salinas PanAm Cup-2/13/2010-Ecuador
ITU Mazatlan PanAm Cup-3/20/2010-Mexico
Monterrey ITU World Cup-4/17/2010-Mexico
Ishigaki ITU World Cup-4/25/2010-Japan
Seoul ITU World Champ Series-5/8/2010-South Korea
Madrid ITU World Champ Series-6/6/2010-Spain
Hyvee ITU Elite World Cup-6/13/2010-Iowa
Kitzbuhel ITU World Champ Series-8/14/2010-Austria
San Francisco Triathlon-Alcatraz-8/29/2010-California
The Triathlon at Pacific Grove-9/11/2010-California
US Pro Nationals-9/26/2010-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Huatulco ITU World Cup-10/10/2010-Mexico
Tongyeong ITU World Cup-10/17/2010-South Korea
Hong Kong ITU Asian Cup-10/24/2010-Hong Kong

That is all for now....I will update again soon once the racing gets underway. Who wants to hear me drone on about training all the time? Travelling and racing is where it is at!!!