Thursday, September 02, 2010

backwards and forwards

First we will travel back to my last race: Canadian Nationals in Kelowna, Canada. I had the worst swim I have had in years and didnt make the first pack of 10 or so out of the water. Said pack stayed away and built up a huge lead. Going into the race I figured that the first group would stay away (one of the reasons I went to Kelowna!), but didnt figure that I would be in the other group. To add insult to a bad swim, I snapped my rear derailleur cable on the 4th of 6 laps. This means I had two gears (53x12, 39x12) to go up the giant hill each lap. Not fun. Came off the bike frustrated w/ dead legs. Finished 18th.

On the upside, Kelowna is beautiful and I did have a wonderful time in Kelowna with my good friends Todd and Rhonda Preston. They used to live and Nebraska and Todd and I did some super tough training weeks together back in the day. I hadnt seen them in 4yrs so it was great to catch up. I definitely will be heading back to Kelowna next year 1) to have a better race and 2) to see those guys!

And forwards. Coming up in 1.5 weeks is Pacific Grove Triathlon. I love all Tri-Cal events and cant wait to get to PG to race. It is a great venue and a race that I have done well at before. After PG it will be 2 weeks until the next "big one": US Nationals.