Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tizzy wc

Tizzy 2010 was a quick trip in and out of Europe for me. I left for Hungary this past Wednesday, raced on Sunday and was back in my bed Monday night. I had another 66% race: where swimming and biking were fine but the run was a bit of a puzzle. Euro racing is unlkike anything else. They are so much harder than any other races.

Tactically the race did not play out not in my favor as the entire race came together out of the water. Over 60 guys eventually made the main pack. I managed my efforts on the technical course very well on the bike, and positioned myself well in the pack coming into T2. Even still, I still had another really tough run. It is really tough when how you race/perform is so far removed from how you have trained leading in (and trained all year long).

That is part of the puzzle that is triathlon...

I have about 9 days before I head up to Kelowna, Canada for the next race. It will be a smaller field, but as it is Canadian Nationals there will be some big names up at the pointy end of the race. Time to rest, recover, refocus, and then run fast!
Sexton leading the charge (me 4th back in Red/White)
On far left, fighting for position...sometimes people need a push!