Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the lux

After the wonderful tour of northern France, we decided to go to Luxembourg the following day. I did not really know what to expect from Luxembourg, but was pleasantly surprised. We left Sembach and drove north through Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany. It is really neat to see all the history this part of the world has to offer. We went on a run in the morning, and left for Luxembourg in our Ferrari (read: Fiat Punto).

We made it to Luxembourg and got ready for our ride through the countryside. It was windy, rainy, and cold, but still absolutely beautiful. We were out in the “nowhere” and still this small farm villages and towns had gargantuan houses, even by American standards. We later realized the Lux is one of the richest countries in the world. The rolling countryside provided plenty of hills. After we finished, it was time for another Mexican shower, and then off to find a brasserie for dinner.

As we headed into downtown we realized that French, not German, was the language of choice here. After a tour of the “centre ville” we found a little brasserie that was open. Two hours, 60€ (about $70.00), and 2 fat Americans later we rolled out of the Brasserie. It was an incredible meal. I think our young French waiter was disgusted by how much the American “pigs” ate. After a 3 hour ride, a man has got to eat.

Anyway, I will be coming back to explore more of Luxembourg in the future. Here are some more pics of the downtown area (Luxembourg City). It is the prettiest looking city I have ever seen. If you get the chance go there. Oh yeah, training is going well and my 30 hour week of hard training, sightseeing, and eating like a horse is over. Hopefully FISU World’s go well next weekend. Cheers!

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slskenyon said...

Trip through continental Europe--I applaud the efforts. I have been treking my way through the British Isles for the last year. At least I get the hang of how the cities are laid out here. What side of the road are you driving on?
Oh, if only we were using Euros...