Tuesday, September 05, 2006

me, a mexican?

Well, the Boston ITU race did not happen. They made the decision to cancel it the night before the race, and of course, the weather was not that bad on race morning. It was raining on and off with little wind. It was not the ideal conditions, but definitely raceable. The worst part of the whole trip is that I was stuck in the middle of the city with no place to train, and my flights were horrendous both to and form Boston. Hopefully next week I can actually produce a race report.

I did get to meet Raul Cordova, a Spaniard triathlete. He stayed with me at our homestay. It was fun to practice my Spanish. Someday I will become fluent! Anyways, he said that I talk like a Mexican and look like I am from Bratislava. I found that quite funny. I been called quite a lot of names and been told I sound like many things, but never been told I look like I am from Eastern Europe and sound like a Mexican…..Nice combo eh???


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Brooke said...

so you're a mexican.... that explains it. well, i'm sorry about your lack of racing this trip, but at least you met someone interesting! i need to call you soon and hear your voice. tell lauren hi for me!!!! OOOHH... what are your Thailand dates??? i'm thinking about coming down to see you but i'd need to book a flight and ask for a day or two off from school. let me know when you can. some kids and coaches from my school are going to be racing too! LOVE YOU!