Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This past Sunday I decided to participate in a 15k road race. The purpose was just for training and to get ready for Treasure Island in 2 weeks. I rode my bike right before, so it was quite tough the first few miles. On top of that something I ate didnt quite settle in my stomach, so I was holding onto my luch for dear life. I went out conservatively, and then built the rest of the way. It was a good idea, and I ended up finishing 4th, but in 51:55, which was 1:115 faster than I did the race last year. All in all, it was a good day, my legs feel strong and I cant wait to race.

Wells, the weather has been quite bad the last few days, and so I am forced to the rollers and the trainer.....I cant wait for my break. It has quite a long and busy season with a lot of travel, but nevertheless been a good one.




Blair said...

i can't freakin wait for the break either!! I get to see you!!

Brooke said...

break?!? what break??? oh right... thanksgiving is an american holiday.

Barrett Brandon said...

To my sisters,
While I am excited about the prospect of returning home for Thanksgiving, the break I am talking about is from training and racing, which will happen after my next race, Nov. 3

Anonymous said...

whatever, you just say that so all your little racing friends will see how hard you're working and all that jazz, but REAAAALLY what you were sending out to us via a secret sibling connection was you are excited about seeing me at the thankgiving break and didn't want all your tough biker friends (road bikes, not harley) to know that you love, adore and miss me bunches. I know what you's ok. :)