Wednesday, January 03, 2007

happppppy new year!!

Well, I am still in Funky Fresh town (Fort Worth for all you non-locals). Things have been going well. I have been able to see many of my old friends, and even sneak in a training session or two. Actually, the weather in Fort Worth has been cold and rainy. It has been good, though, to spend time with my family and friends. I really enjoy riding and hanging out with James and the gang at Fort Worth Cycling and Fitness. They have been a bid help to me over the years and it is always fun to come back and hammer the old groupd rides.

Only a few more days before it is back to Lincoln, the sub-arctic temps, and of course escuela. I am not excited about starting school again, but it is my last semester, and hopefully it will add some structure to my life. No more sleeoing in or staying up late.....back to the life of a monk.


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