Monday, March 19, 2007

doi suthep

Today was a hard day. I only rode, but it was enough. The locals told me about the highest peak in Changmai, called Doi Suthep. I heard that it was a challenging climb, but had no idea what lay waiting for me. The first 10k or so or about 5-6% average w/ a few steeper sections. Then it leveled out a bit (I thought I was done, but nooooo). Then it decided to get quite steeper. At tis point I had been climbing for about 40 min. in 90 deg heat with high humidity, lets just say that this Nebraska boy was hurting. Anyway, I decided to make it to the top no matter how long it was. Well it continued to go up, and even got steeper. There were definately some 14-15% sections in there. I was in my 25 tooth cog, out of the saddle, going 5mph, with my HR around 188. It ended up taking me 59 min to complete the climb. That was by far the longest climb I have ever done. Probably times 2. I cant wait to do it again. It wont be this week though, it is too hard this close to my race. Here are some pic's from the ride. It is really polluted, so it is hazy.....sorry no expansive vistas

And yes, I took these pictures coming down the mountain.



random elephant

there is a waterfall somewhere back there

The King's summer palace..just to prove I actually went all the way to the top!


Mike Bailey said...

All of the folks at Back Porch Coffee Roasters, Bend, OR say "Good On Ya" Big Billy Barrett.

Blair said...

hahahaha, love the self portrait...glad you had fun!! Love you!!!

PS-what did ya get me?!?!