Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the bike works!......

but it seems as if I dont. Alcatraz was a really tough race for me this year. That is part of the reason that this race report has taken so long to get up. It is always tough to write about your worst races.

The swim started out ok, but was incredibly wavy and rough. As I couldnt really see the shore, I decided to follow the people right in front of me--bad idea. We ended up swimming really, really wide (point to point course with no swim buoys), and I lost about another 45 seconds to my already sub-par swim. Onto the bike I felt strong and attacked the first part of the course, I passed quite few people, and things were looking up. Then, I hit a wall and went backwards. The last half of the bike I really started to fade. Onto the run my stomach was in so many knots and was cramping badly. I gave up a few more places during the first 4 miles. The last 4 my stomach started to come around, but it was a little too late. It was a pretty dismal result with three bad splits.

I have 6 weeks till I race next so now it is hermit time. I have got to get fit for the next race.


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Bev Brandon said...

awesome photos on your blog...

postcard pictures of
Escape from Alcatraz

someday I'll get 2 see that race!
love ya, Madre