Thursday, July 26, 2007

chillin in asia

Asia has been quite an experience. Every time I come here I learn more and am exposed to many new things. SIngapore, apart form my hotel, has been great. It is a beautiful city, clean, easy to get around in, and to top it off everyone speaks English. For the travelling impaired, Singapore is definitely a nice "starter" country in south asia.

I have decided to stay two weeks longer to do another race in China. I will fly up to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week and a half to visit with the sis, and then up to Northern China (near Mongolia). I am really ready to come home, but I need to do this next race to improove my world ranking. I decided that I need to make sacrifices if I want to do this as a profession. While some of you might not call flying to Thaialnd and China a sacrifice, it has been really hard travelling by myself away form Family and friends. On top of that, I packed incredibly light for a two week trip, and now it has turned into a month excursion. Oh well, I think things will improve when I get to Thailand. The accom (with the sis) is tops, and a very familiar and warm setting.

Well i am sitting in McDonalds typing away on the net. I have the race briefing today and then it will be time to focus on Sunday's race, which I have almost not even thought about yet becuase of finding out the logistics of the China trip.

Here are some pic's for those who dont like to read:
This is apparently the world's largest fountain (this is only the top story)
The dont grow them like this in the McD's in the states

Those are actually steps, and they repaint them for different shows

It has rained every day since we have been here--everything is so green



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Anonymous said...

You sounded om to- of it over the phone. Singapore, what a great place to be. Look forward to hearing how you did. Those times alone in strange places are prime times to think and reflect on what and who is most important in life. Singapore in 76 was a watershed for me. Enjoy your time with Brooke and Co. Keep sending the pics. Love you , Dad