Thursday, October 25, 2007

a month

It has been about a month since my last post. This is the time of year when things began to wind down, and all my energy is spent training instead of other things. Because it is so late in the season, it is hard to keep going. Since I wrote last I have raced once, Scott Tinley's adventures, but it did not go well. I have been struggling for the last couple months with my fitness. After returning form Asia, I think I trained too hard too quick and put myself in a big hole. I have since got things right (I think) and am back into the thick of training.

I have about a little less than 3 weeks untill I race next. I have been located down in Fort Worth, Texas for the last couple weeks and will finish out the year here. I have been smashing myself in the pool, biking, and running. I have a great group of swimmers, cyclists, and runners down here to train with. Hopefully the training will pay off on Nov. 10th. This is The Treasure Island Triathlon (ITU Olympic Distance) and it is the Tri-California Series Championship Race. Hopefully I can pull off a good race and finish top-3 in the series. After that it is either down-time or possibly one more race. If I am selected I will attend the Eliat Israel World Cup on Dec. 1st. That will really stretch out my season, but if I have any shot at the Olympic Trials in April, I need to do it.

I will update more soon......


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