Friday, April 04, 2008

the week(s) that was

Two weeks ago i traveled to Napa valley for my cousin's wedding. For those of you who don't believe it is possible for me to get dressed up, I have attached pic's below to support this uncommon phenomenon. The plan was to stay in the Bay Area for an extra 8 days after the wedding and get a solid week of training. The Bay Area is one of my favorite places to train as it has a great swim team (Scott w/ PASA), awesome riding, and great running trails.
My little cousin and I

Me and the lady
The trip started off with a little hick-up. My flight got super delayed and then stuck in Denver on Thursday nght. I decided to take the flight on Friday morning and stay with good friend Bucky Schafer and his wonderful parents. Well it turned out to be the right move. I was fortunate enough to be able to hang out with Bucky and his brothers and got to go see the first round of the NCAA Basketball tourney. We had fourth row seats behind the basket as we watched Bucky's alma mater, Notre Dame, destroy George Mason (only to get beat soundly the next round). For my "troubles" (little did the airline know) I got a free ticket voucher for anywhere in the US that United flies. Even better when I got home, United had sent me a letter apologizing for the extreme delay and sent me a $150 voucher for my "pain and suffering." The best part of the whole thing is that I booked the flight on miles (paid the whopping taxes of $7.49) and got a stopover in Denver, a free ticket, and $150 bucks. Not too shabby...... Here is a pic of the Buckster and I circa 2006 in Pacific Grove, Cali:
The extra day did hamper the training though. I got to Napa only to find my bike der hanger was broken. Didnt get it fixed until the following Tues. so there was a little to be desired for the week in the biking department. I did feel I made up for it the next week though.

Here is the question: If I do 11 hours one week and 30 the next, is it the same as doing two 20.5 hr weeks.......hmmm not so sure, but I can only control the controlables (SP? is that even a word?)

3/17-3/23 unofficial "recovery" week w/travel, delays, and a broken bike
Total hrs were arond 11 with 49 miles of running and one track wkout. I did 3x[2x400 on 2:30, 1x1600 on 7:30]. Felt AWFULL, but stuck it through. 73-74 on 400's and 5:06 on miles. Not my best ever, but put it in the bank. Also managed a few quality swim sessions.
3/24-3/30 San Fran mini training camp
hrs: 30
swim: 28,500 yds w/4 hard LCM swims
bike: 14.25 hrs w/ hill repeats, and a hard group ride (3hr) plus climbing up Mt Diablo for 50min for total of 5:15 hour ride on Sat. The total ride had around 1:30 of sustained climbing, and the group kept the flats interesting.
run: 55.5 miles w/Tready Tempo of 3 miles 5:27 @ 1% grade, and a fast, fast fartlek of 2x[2x90 w/90rest, 2x60 w/60rest, 30/30, 15/15), and a solid 16.5 long run.

Solid week.....And in other news I have just recieved an entry to my first World Cup in Tongyeong, South Korea! So after Pan American Champs in Mazatlan on April 19th. I will be hopping on a plane the next day to fly to South Korea. It is sure to be the toughest and fastest race I have ever done.

On that note i better get to training. thanks for reading.....

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