Tuesday, May 06, 2008

pics from south korea

The start Just behind timmy
fast transition
in the center actually at the FRONT of the pack
charging home on the run
thats all for now!


Anonymous said...

Those are the best race pictures I have ever seen of you! Yea!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! How many guys were in the race? Dropping out of Wildflower was probably a good idea. How did Mark do? I almost called you when we were in Dallas on tour, but you were at your world cup race. Keep in touch, buddy.

Take care,

kt said...

Barret~ You awesome job! I am sure that Wildflower was a tough decision but sounds like you made a good call.

Cant wait to see how the rest of your season goes.

Eric's friend,

Bev Brandon said...

I am so grateful for your life, your courage, your passion.
I couldn't be any more grateful to have you as my son on this Mother's Day in the USA.
Love You More than Ever, Mom
Miss You Already.