Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another week, another race

Heading out on the run....

The race went ok, but not great. I felt really tired (with due cause) leading in and suffered a bit (again) on the run. I was content to sit 2nd wheel on the swim and stayed that way through the entire swim. The bike was a large group and the run, along with some GI issues that involved a post-finish line sprint to the toilettes and me not being able to find my legs, was a bit tough. I ran for an 8th place finish. It is hard sacrificing these local races, but I want to do well when it counts!

This week was the second in my three week run-focused training block leading into World University Championships. All in all it was a solid week of training. As far as total hours go I am only hovering above the 20 hour mark. Because of the swim situation here, I can only get in about 16-18k per week. If I was really struggling in the pool, I would do heaps of open water to bring it up to 25k or so, but that is not the case. In fact, I am swimming better now than in the last 5 years. The last few years my running has slowly improved while my swimming has almost gotten slower. The foundation I laid with FAST this winter is paying off. Biking was solid this week with 4 rides and some solid threshold work.

The run. This week was perhaps my best week of running in quite a while. While the race on Sunday didn't quite show it, I had a great week. Total miles were 69, so 1 short of "the goal" (the goal being an arbitrary number I made up), but the real story lies between the numbers. On Tues I did 15x150m uphill sprints, on Thursday me and my roomie Adam took it to each other on the track. The set was 8x400 on 2:00 straight into 8x200 on 1:15 w/ all efforts D1-4. There were heaps of 68's and a 66 and 65 on some 400's. I didnt even know I could run that fast (this was on a cinders track as well). We got even more fiesty on the 200's and popped off a 30 for number 4, so of course number 8 would be completely on. We both dropped a 29 for number 8. I have not seen that number on the track since good 'ol days of high school. A "tempo"type run during the race on Sunday brought the week total to 3 solid sessions. I am on the verge of blowing up. One more week of this stuff and I will be done! This week should be the biggest with around 20k swimming, 10 hours biking, and 75 miles running w/ three key workouts. Another race this Sunday and then REST, REST, REST for the Uni games the week after.

Also a big thanks to Profile-Design. I just signed on for another year with them and this year they are my wetsuit sponsor as well. The Gold Cell Suit is by far the fastest and most flexible suit I have ever worn. It is also the only suit that I do not have to cut the legs to get off. What a concept......Why don't we make a suit that is easy to get off? Well, no other company does. I plan to lead out quite a few more swims this year with it on. It is always nice toeing the line and knowing you have the best equipment.

until next time,



Anonymous said...

I got to start my taper a week before you. Ha. : )
I love you and know you will do great at the bigger races that are coming up!

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

congrats on the profile design extension and wetsuit deal.
How do you like the kiwami suit?

Michael Clinch said...

Sweet picks!
It is great following your experiences via your blog. It is a motivation for me to live greatly. Thanks and I will be cheering for you in the International University Sports Federation's (FISU) 9th annual World University Championships in Erdek, Turkey, on June 28.

Barrett Brandon said...

Hey James....I am not sponsored by Kiwami, but really like the suit. I think it is fast in the water (perhaps not quite as fast as a speedo fastskin), but It is by far the best suit all around I have worn. Super light, breathlable and fits the bits that matter really well.