Sunday, June 01, 2008


I have finally setteld down from all my travel and am getting used to life on the beach in St Jean De Monts, France. I had no idea France had such nice beaches. The town is a quaint little place full of seaside cafes, the occasional disco, and plenty of patisseries. Every day after training you can hop on the beach cruiser and take a 2k jaunt to the centre ville and buy a hot baguette, or grap a board and go hit up the beach for some waves.

doing a lot of this lately
As you can tell, training this week, if anything, has been lax, unstructered, and very little volume. I have put my body through a meat grinder the last 6 weeks, and I really needed some recovery. This week was lots of sleeping, way too much eating, and just a little training each day to make sure the body keeps moving. I am racing later today (not complete recovery), but it is a draft-legal sprint race (750m sw/20k bike/5k run) about 1 hr drive from my doorstep so hopefully won't be too hard on me. So while I am keeping my string of consecutive races alive (in three hours it will be 7 races in 6 weeks), I wont have to travel anymore. Four weeks of sleeping in my bed EVERY night!

Here are some facts about the last six weeks:

Races: 6--four Olympic Distance, 1 sprint, 1 half-iron

DNF: 1--Dropped out of half on the run

Time Zone Changes (must stay in time zone for more than 24hours) : 9 (5 being greater than 7 hours)


Cities Stayed in (must spend at least 24 hours, leave airport): DFW; Mazatlan; DFW; Tongyeong, South Korea; DFW; San Francisco; Pasa Robles; San Francisco; DFW; Toulouse, France; Mimizan, France; Toulouse, France; Paris; Charleville, France; Paris; Yicheng, China; and St. Jean De Monts, France

Total Miles Flown in Air: 36,200 Miles

Sleepless Nights: too many to count.......

Will update soon on the races coming up!


Bev Brandon said...

36.000 miles...oh my!
that's worth a couple of trips!
missing you already!

Anonymous said...

I retired your Rav 4 this am. We started a new month today. It was a lot of fun to drive. Will try to get all the little things fixed before you return.

So enjoyed the pics. Let us know how the race went this last wweekend.

Take care, Dad