Friday, July 11, 2008

back in the lux

After the race in Turkey, I had a one day stopover in Istanbul. It is a pretty amazing city that has history dating back to B.C. It is the gateway to Asia. and half of the city sits in Europe while the other half sits in Asia. A true melting pot of cuisines, cultures, and religions. Although one day will never do it justice, here are some pics from my 12 hour day in Istanbul.
The Blue Mosques

The Aya Sophia

Rooftop view of the city from our last sunset. Ahhhh! I was a little underdressed for the dinner so they gave me a "ladies" blanket

In other news, I am absolutely in love with Luxembourg. Such a great place to ride your bike, and it has by far the best views from any major city in the world. Only prob......sooo expensive. Why is it that every city I love to train in carries a $$$$ price tag (i.e. San Francisco). Anyways, training has been some of the hardest I have done and I have been making every session count. With Dirk, aka "german precision" every session in solid with absolutely no junk miles. It has been really good for me. I have been really solid through the sessions and even saw a 6 hour day on Wednesday. Body is really tired, but that's the point isn't it? I decided that I am going to race a local race with a little bit of coin this Sunday as my last hard workout for the 2 week camp. I am tired, but will put forth a solid effort. Well off to training...

The area here is beautiful here and will post some Lux pic's on the next post.



Anonymous said...

Hey buddy - I love the Dirk quote. Next time you go to Turkey let us know we have several friends that call Turkey home.

Austin went well, several hurdles but what's new. The big question are we supposed to jump. Britt could go to Anderson if accepted in the Int Bac Program no matter where we lived in Austin.

Terry Kendrick flys back eo Germany tomorrow. If you would like their home info give mom an e-mail.

Take care of the details.

Love, Dad

Dr. Ethan Thomas Brown said...

Hey Bro! Thanks for the comment. I linked your blog to mine and I expect you to do the same!! Keep it real