Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the long road back

This year of racing was pretty hard on my mind and body, so I decided to take a solid break after San Francisco. The plan was two weeks of absolutely nothing, then a few weeks of 1 workout/day building into some decent fitness by January 1. And by decent, I just mean being able to run 90 minutes without having to lay on the sofa in a coma.

Two weeks turned into about 3. I did a couple (read: 2) of "fun" workouts with Lauren over the Turkey Day Holiday, but nothing over 30 minutes. Now that my R&R is complete, it is time to bust out the cobwebs. I think the hardest part for me is being so out of shape wanting so desperately to be in shape. This season, however I am going to use my head a little more and be smarter about training, recovery, and especially my racing scheule (maybe I'll keep it below 24 races and 100,000 miles of air travel within 8 months??), so I have no problem being quite out of shape this point in the year.

The plan is to use Demcember to get re-aquainted with swimming, biking, and running so that on Jan 1st I can actually start training. Jan, Feb, March, and April will be my foundation phase where I patiently build up my mileage and log consistent weeks. My first race will probably be Wildflower the first weekend in May, followed by the Pan-American Championships in Oklahoma 2 weeks later.

Next year I will be racing for U.S. Vendome Triathlon Club in Vendome, France. The difference is that this year I will be making two short trips over to Europe instead of one 4 month-long stay. I will do some bigger races in the US this year as well (i.e. Hy-VEE) and also will undoubtedly travel to Asia several times. I will post a more complete schedule when the ITU releases theirs to us.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season and I will blog again soon...



Anonymous said...

How are those cobwebs? You'll get back into it soon, no worries. Love you.

Eric Mellow said...

Dude, you're doing Hy-Vee?!? That's so close! I should try to fit that into my schedule.