Friday, July 03, 2009

about that time

It is about time for an update. Training has been rolling along since I got back from Korea. Nothing too special or crazy, but just some solid work. I had to take about a week ez/recovery after Korea. I thought that I would be fine in a few days, but I think the length of the course, the difficulty, and the long travel home took a little larger toll than expected. After some light training, I hopped in another 10-day block to get ready for San Francisco ITU and then my subsequent Euro-trip.

My next 5 weeks will be quite crazy. Here is the itinerary:
July 9th-Depart for San
July 11th-San Francisco ITU Triathlon
July 14th-Depart for Paris
July 15th-Arrive in Paris, depart for Vendome
July18th-Depart from Vendome to Tours
July19th-French Grand Prix Triathlon
July 20th-Depart Tours for Font Romeu Training camp (altitude)
Aug 6th-Depart Font Romeu for Paris
Aug 7th-Depart Paris for Budapest, then onto Tizzy (way too long to type actual name)
Aug 9th-Race ITU Tizzy World Cup
Aug 10th-Depart Hungary for Paris
Aug 11th-Fly back to the 'ol USA

Sounds a little crazy, but I think in reality it will be a great trip with some really fast racing, and hopefully some good results. I am really excited about the short altitude camp in the south of France (Font Romeu). It is supposed
to be one of the best places in the world to train. I will have a good group of guys there to train with, and the facilities or next to none. I am interested to see how my body responds to altitude. I have not been up in several years, and never in this part of the season.

Of course I will keep the blog updated as I travel. I tend to forget to blog when at home as life is quite monastic and oftentimes just boring. As I travel, I will snap some pics and share the journey. Since some people like to look at pictures and don't like to read, I have put some pics I just found from China last year up. Turns out I am kinda a big deal there.....

I love how the Chinese writing is completely over Betten's face!

Not exactly and ITU-legal uniform...whoops!

And while a mild rock-star in Yicheng, China (don't google it because there is no way you will find it), I enjoy complete anonymity in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for reading!




Brent Poulsen said...

that billboard is badass!

Barrett Brandon said...

thx man. that's what racing 5x in China will do for you I guess....good luck in Vic