Friday, October 04, 2013

more racing

If there is a theme for me this fall, it is racing.  After a pretty slow start to this year, and a mid-year training camp in Flagstaff (blog on this later), it is now time to race.  A lot.

Not all are "big races."  I haven't really raced locally too much the past few years, and this year I aimed to change that.  This past weekend was one of those local races: Stonebridge Triathlon. 

Stonebridge is a race put on by Ahmed and Stacy at Playtri.  I can't really say enough positive things about them.  They are one of the few race directors in the country that not only put on great races for Age-Groupers, but also are very interested in the Pro/ITU-side of the sport.  This coming June they will host the Pan-American ITU Championships in Dallas.  It will be their 3rd consecutive year to hold an ITU race in the same location.  Not many can say that in the US.  They have a long-term vision to promote ITU racing in the USA, and as an elite athlete I love to support race directors like this.

Back to the race.  I did the sprint and had a lot of fun.  Here are some pics from the weekend:

This coming Sunday is a big one for us: Lifetime Fitness Dallas.  It is an important race, but also a very rare one where we get to sleep in our own beds and don't have to pack our bikes or fly!
Will keep you posted.  Cheers,

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