Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i am still alive and blogging!

Hello all!

I has been an incredibly long time since my last blog, but I promise that this will not be the case in the future. With my sisters overseas (one of my sisters is in Ghana for the summer and the other is in Thailand for two years) and my utter disdain for writing long emails hopefully this will suffice for updates on my life.

I am currently in San Francisco for the summer. It has been a great experience. Training has been going well. I raced at the prestigious Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on June 4th. This is one of the best races in world. It is always an adventure and very challenging. Swimming in the Bay brings to mind one word: cold! The bike course is like the every part of San Francisco: straight up and straight down. The run is challenging with lots of runnning on sand (did I mention there are hills in San Francisco?). The next race on the calender was the Long Beach ITU Continental Cup on June 25th in which I was trying to qualify the 2006 FISU World University Games. I did eventually qualify, but it was not the typical race. I got a flat tire 3/4 of the way through the bike, and had to ride on my rim for the rest of the bike. I lost quite a bit of time , but had a decent enough of a run to be selected for the team.

When I first arrived in SanFrancisco, I got really sick for 2 weeks. Because of this I decided not to race in during the month of July, and just train. It has been a great time. I have spent a lot of time with Lauren (my girlfriend) and her family. I have also been working part time at the Pacific Athletic Club teaching swim lessons. I enjoy working with kids, so it is a great part time summer job. I have been swimming with the PASA team coached by Scott Shea. It has been great swimming with club swimmers again as they are always motivated about swimming (not to mention fast). There is nothing like getting you butt whipped by 15 year old boys and girls. The geography around here is almost as spectacular as the weather. It is a great place to train with all the mountains and trails and great people. If only it wasn't so expensive to live here (That is why I am mooching currently). Well I leave in 3 weeks to go to race in Connecticut on Aug 3rd and then its straight to Europe for 3 weeks. I will be at a training camp in Sembach, Germany for 2.5 weeks before heading Switzerland for the race.......

Until next time......Cheers!

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Brooke said...

YEA!!!!! my brother is so cool! :) i'm so happy i can hear about your life again through the blogging world! i hope you're having a fun time and cali and treating lauren well. i hope you do great in your next race and have fun in europe!!!! i'm jealous.... you didn't even invite me! i'll be praying for you as you train and travel. love you bear!