Wednesday, August 16, 2006

friends and rain

Weathermen are usually wrong.  I found out this occurs in Germany as well as the United States.  Yesterday we were greeted with warm sunshine and cool temperatures.  Today, which was supposed to be hot, looks like Thailand in monsoon season.  No matter, though, as I am thoroughly enjoying training here.  Mixing up training venues is a well needed change of pace sometimes.  If you combine that with my love of all things Euro, then I am in the perfect place! You have the perfect training place.  It is not just the geography that helps dictate whether or not someplace is good, but the people.  It is so nice to finally be training with old friends.  It makes me realize how much I miss training with Mark and Todd back in Nebraska.  Oh well, time to stop reminiscing because it is time to go to the pool for our next “flogfest”….. Until next time, guten tag

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Brooke said...

hey bear!!! i'm so happy you've updated! i haven't checked this thing in forever and then.... BAM! one day there's a billion to read. glad you're having a wonderful time. i hope training goes really well for ya!