Saturday, August 12, 2006

a percentage game

I spent the entire summer in the city of San Francisco and experienced perfect weather there. It did not rain once, and while it got "hot" for San Francisco for a few days, it stayed between, 70 and 80 nearly every day. I am not that fortunate with weather, so my "weather karma" caught up with me in Germany. If anyone has been to central Europe in the summer, there are but two words to describe it: hot & humid. This is what I figured when I packed for the trip. I was dead wrong. It is friggin cold here! Every day it has been between 50-60 degrees. It has also rained or been overcast every day. Not quite cold enough to inhibit training, but enough to ruin the tan I have tried to perfect all summer. Oh well! I rode 3 hours yesterday through these quaint little towns and beautiful national park, but got dumped on the whole way. You might say that, "Barrett, you live in Nebraska, don't you have cold and wet weather gear?" to which I would reply, "Yes, but it is in NEBRASKA!" I always go to races prepared for any type of weather, but the one time I go somewhere for a month, I forget ALL my warm clothes. I got plenty of funny looks riding in my coat of many colors (every shirt I own). But other than my own lack of foresight, things are well. Hopefully it is warmer wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

so I figured somebody better write you a comment, since you havn't had any for a while. Where are your sisters and mom???
well, now you have one from me, which I guess isn't that cool! But anyways, I love you lots and can't wait for you to come back to the states!
was that very embarrassing??? hope not!
Guess who I am????

Anonymous said...

so here's the deal..if someone would have told me you were going to Germany or CA for that matter...I would have posted or read the blog on the 5 minutes of internet I had every 2 weeks. But now that Africa is oceans away and I'm back in the states...I will read and post...hope things are going well...and I could've told you it would be cold silly...anyways--i love you!

Anonymous said...

I am so crazy about you Barrett Brandon!!!! You have always made me happy and you know I am thrilled at your new-found blogspot entries where I can read about all these great things coming your way. I must add that your grammar is delightful and daring and decent and delectable. Great rhetoric. Awesome syntax. An amazing boy wonder you are!!! I'm praying for you sweetie and love your blogspot. Praying for sweet success to you this month. Love you lots, Mom