Monday, October 02, 2006

going slo

This is the race report from Scott Tinley's. First off, I love San Louis Obispo. It is a cool town woth lots of cool little inderpendent shops, and a real small town feel. Laid back? Check. Near the ocean? Check. Lots of hilly country to ride? Check. Lots of small coffee shops? Double Check!! They also have great Mexican food there which really reminds me of home back in Fort Worth, Texas. Anyways, SLO is a place I could definately stay in for an extended periodof time.

Onto the race. See I was really jsut writing the above blurb so I could delay thinking about the aweful race. Basically, I got sick leading into the race, and my result showed this chnage to my body. I had a good swim and first transition, so I was actually first onto the bike course. That was fun, but it just showed me how far I could fall. I went backwards on the bike. I wanted to/would have dropped out, but I need the tri-cal points for the series. By the time the run arrived I was down and out, but trudged along to the finish. So now I dropped form 3rd to 6th in the series, but have a shot at getting top 4 with a strong showing at Treasure Island. Oh well, now it is time to get healthy, before I head over to the orient....Hong Kong!



Brooke said...

what day do you leave for hong kong???? and when will you decide if you're coming to thailand???? if you are, i need to buy my plain ticket to come down and see you! let me know. i hope you do well at your next race.... be safe! love you.

Barrett Brandon said...

I leave this Tues. the 11th fr Hong Kong. I wont know about Thailand for sure until the beginning of November. Money is tight and I need to make sure I have enough....