Wednesday, March 07, 2007

t - 5 days

Well, I have recently been reading about all these people who are training and racing in these great places. They all seem to be warm and sunny and in these exotic locales. Since I steal internet from a house down the road, I have to sit with my front door open to get wireless. So it is with my front door open staring at the thermometer and looking at the piles of snow outside that I have read about everyone else's training and racing in really cool (hot!) places.

But the end is will finally break 40deg here in the crappy state of Nebraska tomorrow, so I am told. And, on top of that I am off to Thaliand for two weeks in 5 DAYS for some great training, racing, and to chill with my sis. Did I mention that the weekly forecast for Bangkok is over 100deg with the heat index? That is excellent....I want to pretend that I am an egg and that Bangkok is the frying pan. I need at least 2 weeks to thaw myself out. I will post panoply, myriad, or a plethora (pick your verbage) of pic's while I am there. Hopefully I will avoid the he-she's, but from what my people tell me they are eveywhere...


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