Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fallin' off the bandwagon


It has been about a month since my last post. Well in the last month quite a lot has happened. I put in the 3 largest run weeks of my life, then got sick. Went from 72 miles to 21 in a week. Chills, fever, coughs, just all the fun stuff. The sickness coincided with my traveling to Texas. So what was supposed to be a week of cycling and running in the sun, turned into a 3.5hr total week. Yeah, ouch!

Now I am back in good old Nebraska, waiting for another snow storm to hit. I think this one will hit tomorrow. You know, they talk all the time about global warming, but we have had the worst winter (coldest, snowiest) in years. I wish they could send a little more global warming this way! Well, the training is getting back on schedule. I have a couple of weeks then it is of to Thailand for the first race of the year. Its a two week trip, full of training and racing. I can't wait. I feel a little out of shape and undertrained, but there is nothing like going half-way around the world to get your butt kicked.

I promise the next post will be sooner. I also would have added pictures to this post, but I am stealing internet from across the street, and who wants to see more pic's of snow and icycles hanging from my beard.

Until next time.....Cheers,



Blair said...

you didnt call your sister on he birthday...

Brooke said...

ooooooohhh... you're in troooouble. call your little sister now!

i will SEE you soon! :) can't wait til you're in asia-land!