Sunday, July 22, 2007

numero dos

Well race number 2 went considerably better than number 1. I finished up in 8th, so it was a solid result. I was pretty jet-lagged as it took nearly 72 hours of crazy travel to get to whereever I am in China (I have absolutely no clue). Anyways I will post more pics and a full race report and details of China and travel soon. I cant figure how to turn off the chinese characters on my blog so it is quite difficult to publish.

More soon.....



Brooke said...

dude.... what city are you in???? i have friends all over that country. you should've asked me before you left and you could've had your very own tour guide!!!

Chandy Clanton said...

Nice work! How many points is 8th place worth? Thanks to you, Harrison and Drew refuse to swim any stroke but butterfly :)

Be careful and have more fun.


Ann Ringlein said...

Barrett -
How did the run part go? Did you see the 2 billion rats fleeing the flooding?