Monday, July 16, 2007

reporto numero uno---dnf

Well , it definitely was not the way I wanted to start my three week racing tour, but I DNF'd (did not finish) the ITU Geneva race in upstate New York. This last week has been quite frustrating for me. I fell and messed up my knee, got zero sleep studying and writing my finals in accounting, got stuck sleeping on the floor in the Chicago airport, and also got sick before the race (head cold/ allergies / congestion) and after the race (g.i. / immodium is my best friend =) ). I wasnt feeling right the day of the race, had a bad swim, rode really hard to bridge the gap, didnt bridge the gap, and then pulled the pin on the run. We were too far back for any result to be salvaged, and I know I have some really tough traveling and racing in the next few weeks, so I played it conservatively. Hopefully I have used up all my bad luck/kharma/whatever in the small town of Geneva.

As for now it is 800mg of ibuprofen, water, immodium, ice-baths, self-massages, sleep, and compression socks as much as possible try to fix the bruised and battered bod.


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Blair said...

awww B--you poor thing...

but hey a word of warning...Immodium...can be addicting. trust me. in Africa, it was my best friend...annnnd when you stop taking it...nooo choose wisely your location when you choose to stop taking it...the remote villages in africa with no toilet...bad choice...

annyways...I cant believe i just wrote this on your blog....hmmm. eh well. Love you!!