Monday, February 25, 2008

where's the fork...

If you can find it you can stick it in me, because I am done. Completely wasted. This week was my first big week so far this year, and it lived up to all the pain and agony that I anticipated. The plan was to do 30 hours to finish my "base" pahse and get a solid week of strength in. It ended up 28.5 hrs due to a missed swim. Actually this time it was not my fault as both Saturday and Sunday evenings the pool was closed before I could make it there. Otherwise it was a really good week. I decided to load the back half of the week again and ended up with 17 hours on Fri-Sun.


swim: 22,500 w/ a 7000yd practice and because all my swims are with a swim team there is way, way, to much intensity for my liking!

bike: 14 hours w/ group ride on Tues where for 25 miles my HR never dipped below 155 and got up to 180. Sat/Sun were 4hrs/3.75hrs of solid group rides. Hard week of cycling for me.

run: 58 miles. Didnt quite get over 60 like I hoped but it was solid. 16 miler on Sat. after 4 hour ride hurt (especially when I forgot least 5 bleeding blisters). On Sunday after ride did a really solid 6 mile run right off the bike and felt really good. It was really encouraging to nail the very last workout of the week.

hrs: 28.5 --On Sunday I had three coffees throughout the day, which is a sure sign I am tired.

As I sit here in the coffee shop after a monday morning swim that was a little harder than expected, my quads keep cramping up. It did the same thing last night as well. I am in need of an easy week and it is finally here. Time to let the body heal and recover. This week should be between 18-20 hours of maintenance training.
And in other news, I am excited to have Powerbar back for 2 more years. I just received my first shipment before this weekend. I really have missed my Powerbar stuff. It is great to have them back on board. They are a great company, provide me with great support, and I cant imagine training without Powerbars in my pocket
Until next time.....cheers!

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