Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This week was another solid week in the bank. I have been steady since the beginning of January and the fitness is beginning to show. I wanted to get in 26-27 hours this week but fell a little short. I skipped one swim and one bike, so the weekly total was a little lower. The run, however, which has been my focus, increased:

Le details:

Swim: 22,900 in 4 practices. Tues was 7200yds (felt like an age group swimmer again)

Bike: 7 hours-3 rides. Thurs was a really, really hard group ride again. Couldnt even pull through.

Run: 62 miles. This saved the week. I loaded the end of the week with mileage getting 39.5 miles in the last 3 days (12/15/12.5) w/6 tempo on the end of the 15 miler on Saturday, and 2 miles of 76s/100s 400's on the track on Sunday. Really tired from the running.

Total hours this week were 23.5. This next week WILL be 30 hours and then a much needed recovery week.

And finally here is some motivation. The ITU just launched there Olympic Games Page here. Nothing like pictures from Athens to get your butt out the door to keep training.

until next time, Cheers!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that motivation! You triathletes always give me goosebumps every time I see you race! Keep up the training!