Monday, March 02, 2009

long time between drinks

I have been totally slacking off on the blogger front. Sorry. Although, my new-found interest/obsession with twitter makes it easier for me to update little tidbits about my training. If you want you can check my twitter in the sidebar for frequent updates.

In reality the month of February was a quiet month on all accounts. I ticked off some decent training, but nothing spectacular. My foot is not 100%, but I am managing it and slowly building up the miles. Biking and swimming are ticking along. March will be much different. It is time to really start stressing the body by adding volume and intensity to the workload. I am in decent shape now, but a long ways from where I want to be in May when the real action starts.

I got real sick about a week and a half ago, but have repsonded well from it. I even raced my first "open" half-marathon this past Saturday. It was a test for me to see where my running is w/ my very, very limited build-up thus far. I ran a smartly paced race and exceeded my own expectations time-wise. I ran 1:15:31 on a hilly course w/23-24mph sustained winds. The wind was whipping something fierce, and the course is not fast to begin with, thus, I am quite pleased. 1:15:31 is 5:45 pace almost on the money. Considering outside of some hill repeats, I havent raced, been to the track, or even done a single tempo since last November this time is good for me. Definitely gives me somehting to build upon going forward. I will post some pics as soon as I get them...


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