Monday, March 09, 2009

the past week

This past week I got in my first "real" week of training.  Well, I have been training very consistently over the past 6 weeks, but haven't logged the bigger weeks I was hoping for.  After the half-marathon last Sunday my legs were shot the first few days of the week, but managed to get a great week of cycling.  

bike 14 hrs
run 41 miles
hrs 24 hrs

Bike was the focus this week (and the next two weeks also).  Running is moving along, but I still have to be careful with the foot.  I did get in a 16.5 mile long run on Sunday w/ the last 3 miles tempo effort.  Pretty jazzed about that! Since the swim group is on taper/holiday, swimming is either solo or w/ one other person.  That said, I had two really solid swim sessions last week.  

This coming week should see more swimming. biking, and running (go figure) and will also include my first visit to the track this season.  I am planning to defend my title (ha!) at the St Patty's Day Triathlon this w/e.  Time to feel the pain....



Anonymous said...

My favorite quote:
"Pain is weakness leaving the body"
Embrace it : )

Josh Ray said...

Just got off the phone with your dad. Congrats on a good run at Cowtown. Hope you have a great 2009. Trying to break 30 minutes on a 1500 meter swim by May 24 (I know you're laughing right now). I'll be able to swim about 3 days per week. Any thoughts would be much appreciated regarding training, drills, etc. Getting ready for an Xterra race that comes through Birmingham every summer. Take care...we're very proud of you.
Josh Ray

Anonymous said...

hey bro, its always good to follow up on you bro. gimme a ring and maybe get me in touch with James over here, ok?Cheers, Dirk