Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a step in the right direction

I got 4th this past weekend in the Pacific Grove International Triathlon in California. I ended up 8 seconds behind 3rd so I was tantalizingly close to the podium!! Overall I am happy with how the race went, but a little peeved at a small mistake that cost me a higher finish...

I had a great start to the swim even though it was about 53 degrees! I was in the lead pack of 4 (including myself) for the swim and stayed there for the entirety of it. We had a lead of about 55s or so on the rest of the field....this pack was the race! Normally I have a great T1 and am super fast taking off the wetsuit. Not that day. It got stuck around BOTH ankles. While I lost maybe 6-10s because of this, it was just enough to keep me from making it to the bike with the 3 others. I hung right behind fora while but could not bridge up, and had to wait/get caught by another small group of 2 behind me.

I rode the whole bike with the 2 guys (Manny and Jamie Stephenson from Canada) and we couldn't hold the time to the front group (Flash, John Dahlz, and Kyle Leto). For 3 of the 4 laps we were holding steady at 1min, but the last lap we ran out of juice and lost another 30-45seconds. Coming into T2 I was really fatigued from the ride, but still down 1:30+ to the leaders.....not the plan!

Onto the run my legs felt surprisingly ok! I ran well and steady for the first 2 laps with Manny and then made a surge on the last lap to try to reel in John Dahlz. I knew I was closing on him, but due to the twisting nature of the course, I couldn't see him until right before the finish line. I ran in 8 seconds behind him for 4th place with the 2nd fastest run split. If I would have been in the group that I swam with??? That is the nature of many variables. Transitions are the 4th discipline, and I will start working on mine!

All in all it was a great weekend and really gave me some confidence back. I am in really good shape and I needed a race like that to get my head back into the game. I am starting a 3 week block before I head to Asia to do 2 races in the middle of October. I am excited to continue to build on the gains I have made in the past several weeks.


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Chris Tremonte said...

Nice job, Barrett. I had a similar feeling in T2 -- shredded from a vigorous, windy bike leg and then pleasantly surprised that my legs felt alright on the run.