Saturday, September 26, 2009

training and training

the run in PG
I'd like to keep the content rolling on my blog, which means when I am not racing that either I have to talk about others racing or myself training. Today, I am gonna post about about my training over the last several weeks.

When I was in France during my altitude training camp (early August), all I could do was train and rest. Besides frequent naps, I did a lot of talking, and hopefully, more listening. I had the benefit of being around, and training with, some of the best triathletes and coaches around.

I talked with several people about how poorly my season had gone so far this year, and several specifc things I could do to turn it around. This brings us to today's post. One of the key components that has been absent from my training is speed-work (on the run). I am not talking about running close to 10k goal race pace, but getting up and firing off some 400's all-out! There are several reasons specific to me that I need to especially work on this, but I will save those for another post.

The structure of the last few weeks has looked very similar. This is the first time I have done the same workouts week-in and week-out for a long period of time, but I am really am enjoying it! There have been just slight progressions in either the speed or duration of the interval from week-to-week. Since my run is the limiting factor right now, the weeks have been organized around 3 key sessions (4 if you include my long run). Here they are:

Tues: 6-10 x 400 FAST on 3:00--Started out at 6 and am building up to 10-12 holding the same pace.

Thurs-AM Run, Hard Bike w/intervals and then straight to the track: 2x3200m w/2min; 3x2k, 1k w/90; and 4x2k w/90 was the progression over the last few weeks. Distance has increased and the pace has gotten faster.

Sat-Hill Repeats. 4x2:30min repeats @ 8%, and 4-6x30s @ 8%. These were done to focus on my toe-off/drive part of my run, and to work on increasing my stride length. As I move into the last few hard weeks of my season, the Saturday Hill repeats will be phased out and I will start to introduce another speed session on the flats....probably off the bike.

Sun-14-16 mile long run, but cruisy

The other runs have been double runs and fillers to get me to around 55-60miles per week (90-100k). This has been the formula for about the last 5 weeks now, and it has been working well.

I have been swimming extremely well in the pool, and the bike has been rolling along. I ran decent at Pacific Grove after a very, very hard ride, and I think there will be even bigger improvements to come in my last three races. That is it for now. Just wanted to give you a little glimpse into wha tI have been doing over the last 5 weeks. Thanks for reading.


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Mun said...

Someone once said, swimming does more for runners than running does for swimmers....

Funny balance. =)

Good luck -- I hope you start to see that turn around!