Wednesday, January 12, 2011

chile chile chile

First race of the year is done and dusted! I cant believe I will have two races done before January 20th....

I had a solid result in Chile considering both the time of year and more importantly how long it took me to get there. A snowstorm (more like snow drizzle) and a very inept Air Canada delayed me over 27hrs to get to Chile. The race was Sunday at 10:45AM and I didnt even arrive at my hotel until 5:30pm on Saturday.

I did a good job of remaining calm and not stressing out over the delay, but my 50hrs in-transit was going to catch up with me evetually...

As I stood on the start line looking into the ocean I could only think of two things: 1)All I want to do is sleep and 2) I should have eaten more yesterday.

Control the controllables.

Gun went off, and so did I. First pack swim, avoided dogs, potholes, and Chileans on the bike, and ran.

Finished 8th.

this pic is more for Harry than me. good on ya, mate!

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Stephan said...

Nice dude! Good luck this weekend. See you in a few days!