Friday, January 07, 2011

new year, new goals, new things, new races....

Hey yall!

Just a quick micro blog from the Toronto Airport. I am currently En Route to Chile for the start to the 2011 season. I am racing ITU Vina del Mar (Chile) and ITU La Paz (Argentina) back to back over the next 9 days. It should be quite an adventure! I have had my head down the last 8 weeks and am ready to race...even if it is January 7th!

Olympic Qualification is always a difficult and tricky process, but I am excited for a great 2011 season! I hope all of you enjoyed your "off-season" and had a great holidays!



Todd said...

It was great to watch you race and help support fellow Americans in Vina Del Mar, Chile today. I was very excited to see that the race just happened to be going on when we checked into the Hotel San Martin. The feeling I hope you get when you do get to hear the very few cheers for you while competing in a foreign country, was returned with your very warm reception when I approached you to say hi. Just to let you know also, that many of the parents and coaches of your fellow racers had much concern that you were the guy that was going to kick there ass on the run. You will have a new fan in me and my wife for a very long time. I will follow all I can as your season moves forward. Good Luck!!
Todd & Paula

Anonymous said...

8th! Congrats! Way to be in the break. Can't wait to read the race recap.

Anonymous said...

How did the rest of the uk boys do, having trouble down loading results