Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cette semaine...

This will be the first week of updates of my training schedule. Last week I got in a solid 24.25 hours of training in. It was the first of three large weeks that I will do before a recovery week. This week should be around 26-27 hours and next week around 30 hours. I am still primarily in the base phase still, so biking and running are primarily steady w/ 1 to 2 uptempo workouts per week. Swimming is always fairly intensive. I wont do anything on the track (running) until after the next recovery week.

Week specifics:
swimming: 26,800 yds -really solid with lots of intensity

biking: 8 hrs - 3 rides, with one really, really hard group ride

running: 58 miles - steady w/ one fartlek run 2x[2x90s w/90rest, 2x60s w/60rest, 2/30s w/30rest, and 2/15s w/15 rest]--yes i stole this workout from another training group, but I really like it. Legs feel good when they get up and go. Max HR got up to 181.

Hours: 24.25

Pretty solid week for me. Consistency is the key for me. Hopefully I can keep stringing solid week after week together, and get ready for the debut April 19th.


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