Tuesday, February 05, 2008

february is here

Well I decided to skip the entire month of January on the blogging front. I spent the new year in Bend, Oregon. It was a great refreshing change of pace for me. I got in some swims, runs, and a few cross country ski sessions. It was a blast and recharged the old batteries. Since, then training has been consistent, but not extraordinary. The last couple weeks have seen the weekly training rise above 2o hours, and I am slowly starting to feel strong again. I will be ramping things up to 25 hours this week and then close to 30 hours for the next 3-4 weeks. The #1 goal for me this early season is consistency. It is the major thing my training has lacked the last several years. I have decided that after my health issues at the end of last season, to start the build up slow this year and be completely fit before I race.

I have decided not to do the race in Mexico March 8th and St. Kitts on the 15th. Even writing that down makes me want to erase and decide to go race. Last year I started my season a little before I was ready, and this year I dont want to make the same mistake. As of right now, I will probably race 20 times or so this year, even without these two races added in. For once, I am going to use better judgement and not do every race just because it is there. It is now looking like April 19th will be my first race. This will be in Mazatlan, Mexico. It is the Pan-American Championships and an important race for me. It is also the selection race for the 2008 World University Games in Erdek, Turkey. I hope to qualify there for my 3rd consecutive World University Games.

New to the blog this year I will start to post more about my weekly training. I have simply used it in the past for travel and race updates, but want to start blogging more frequently. Well that is all for now. Have a great new year and safe travels!


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